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Temple Mangesh

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Near the capital the most popular resort of India, Goa state, in the small village of Priol is one of the largest and most visited temples in the entire state - temple Manges.

The temple was built in honor of the Hindu God Mangeshi - one of the incarnations of Shiva, also known as Saib, or the God of Goa. It is believed that the main Shrine of the temple - Ling Mangeshi - stone-a repository of the divine essence, was consecrated by Brahma himself.

The building of the temple is a real work of art. Its main attractions are considered a remarkable seven-storey tower standing at the gate, and graceful columns, which gained fame as the most beautiful in the entire state of Goa. The oldest part of the 400-year old temple complex is a small pond near the main building. The main hall of the temple, which is famous for its stunning chandeliers of the nineteenth century, with a capacity of about 500 people at a time.

The temple is traditionally several times a day held a Puja - a kind of sacrifice to the deities: morning Puja - Abhishek, Leguruki and Maharudra, and in the evening Maha-Aarti, also one night Puja - Panopta. Every week on Mondays in the temple is a small festival, when the main idol is carried out of the building of the temple and sneaked through the streets, accompanying the procession with music.

Despite the huge popularity, or maybe because of it, more recently, the temple closed its doors to foreign tourists. The reason "administration" of the temple called inappropriate clothing, and no less inappropriate behavior of foreign guests.