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International Museum of toilets

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Unique sulabh Museum, located in the Indian capital new Delhi, is the perfect place for those who want profitably, but at the same time fun to spend a few hours. The fact that this Museum dedicated to the history of sanitation and toilets.

It was created on the initiative of Dr. Bindeshwar of Pathak, the founder of the environmental volunteer organization Sulabh International, which deals with the issues of alternative energy and waste utilization in the territory of its main headquarters.

In addition to the entertainment of the mission, to a greater extent the collection of the Museum is intended to draw public attention to the severe health situation in India at the moment. Especially in small towns and villages, lack of purification system wastewater, from which there has developed a dangerous epidemiological situation.

The Museum contains a large collection of all sorts of strange and funny toilet fixtures, toilet bowls, chamber pots and wash basins. The exhibition contains copies of various countries and eras, and the examples of specific items you can monitor the development of toilet technology from ancient times to the present. The oldest artifact to take back to 2500 BC, and the pride of the Museum is a replica of the famous throne of the monarch Louis XIV, with a hole for the satisfaction of physiological needs, Also in the present collection and technical innovations specifically designed for modern bathrooms.