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Sanctuary Bhagwan Mahavir

Photos and description

The biggest nature reserve in the Indian state of Goa, which covers an area of 240 sq km, is located on the border with Karnataka, on the slopes of the Western Ghats. The status of a protected zone bhagwan Mahavir was in 1969, and the Central part of its territory, which is about 107 km, and in 1978 became known as the National Park Moll.

The reserve is famous for a huge variety of both flora and fauna. On its territory there are a large number of deciduous and evergreen trees and shrubs. Due to the high humidity and the presence of permanent, not ephemeral water sources and their crowns so dense, and they grow so thick under them, from lack of sunlight, almost no grass grows. The predominant tree species are the terminals, xilia, dalbergia and lagerstroemia.

Among the wildlife the most famous inhabitants of the reserve have become Bengal tiger, leopard, porcupine, axis and many others. Also bhagwan Mahavir inhabited by a great number of birds, reptiles and insects, including rare and unique species.

For the territory of the reserve is also home to the famous Dudhsagar waterfall, the creepy Devil's Canyon and the remarkable, well-preserved temples that were built during the time of the ancient Indian rulers of the Kadamba dynasty (around 345-525 years).