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National Park Periyar

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One of the most famous elephant and tiger sanctuaries of South India - national Park Periyar is located in Kerala, received its status in 1982. It is among Cardamoms mountains, in the heart of the buffer zone and covers an area of approximately 350sq km and Its altitude ranges from 100 metres in the river valley Pamba up to 1700m on the hills of its Eastern part. The highest peak of the Park Katamari has a height of 2019 feet. Almost in the center of the territory is a picturesque lake Periyar, an area of about 26кв km, which was formed after the creation of the dam Mullaperiyar in 1895. And at the moment this lake is the main water source for all wildlife.

Almost all the territory of the national Park is covered with evergreen tropical vegetation, among which are wateryou Indian, hope dribnokvitkovi, canarium, Artocarpus, biscovey Javanese and others. Some specimens of these species reach heights of 40-50 meters. In total, the Periyar, there are about 2500 species of plants, 350 of which are used for medical purposes.

Fauna in the Park are 62 species of mammals, but the most famous inhabitants are, of course, the Indian elephants, who, like tigers, have in this territory a special status. Their population has between 900 to 1000 individuals. Tigers are much less - only about 53 individuals. Among the other inhabitants of Periyar is Gaura, Buffalo, sambari, Indian Olenka, muntjac, mongoose, foxes and leopards. Also, if you're lucky, they can be found listed in the Red Book Nilgiris Tara. In addition, the Park is a vast array of birds, reptiles, amphibians, and lake fish.

Every year the Park Periyar is visited by about 4 million tourists from around the world.