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District Chadni Chowk

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District Chadni Chowk is located in the Northern part of the Indian capital - new Delhi and NCR. In the language of Urdu, "Chadni Chowk" means "square, bathed in moonlight". This site was created in the XVII century during the reign of the great Muslim Emperor of India Shah Jahan, and the project area was designed by his daughter Jahan Ara. Chadni Chowk almost immediately gained fame as one of the largest and busiest outlets in Old Delhi.

Initially, the district stretched through almost the entire city - from Nahorski Gate of the red Fort to the Mosque of Fatehpur (Fatehpur Masjid), and was divided into three parts small water channels, which, unfortunately, to the present day almost did not survive. The name of the district received, by the way, it is through these channels - at night, the moonlight reflected from the water surface and filled the whole district with its mysterious shimmer. By tradition, all the solemn procession, which was attended by the Emperor himself, passed through Chadni Chowk. And nowadays this street is one of the busiest in Delhi.

The area is located in the historical part of the city - Shahjahanabad, and there is a large number of cultural relics, monuments and religious shrines. As, for example, Sri Digambar of Jain Lal Mandir is the oldest Jain temple of Delhi, established in 1656. Hindu temple of Gauri Shankar (1761). One of the nine Sikh shrines - Gurdwara Ganj Sahib was built in 1783. Sunehri Masjid is a Muslim mosque (1721), and it is standing on its roof in 1739, the Persian ruler Nadir Shah invaded India, ordered the killing of anyone who got in his field of vision - just one day killed about 30 thousand people. The famous Fatehpur Masjid is a Muslim mosque built in 1650 by one of the wives of Shah Jahan.

But most of all Chadni Chowk, of course, is famous for its shops and market. The most distinctive feature of this place is that almost all the goods sold there is local production, from food and clothing to electronics.