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Reserve Bondla

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The smallest reserve, the Goa is Bondla reserve, which is located on a hilly area about 55 km from state capital Panaji. Reserve, although located in the jungle, more like a large garden, which is home to many different animals. Its area is only 8kV km, but this does not prevent him to be one of the tourist centers of Goa. The most popular reserve among the people, vacationing families, as it is possible from a fairly close distance to admire such rare animals as bison, Malabar giant squirrel, leopards and Indian bison. Some species of animals live in enclosures that are located in the centre of the reserve, and some go by themselves, such as wild boar, calmly walking among the tourists. Also in the sanctuary attracts ornithologists and lovers of birds from around the world, as this region has a large variety of bird species, including unique Indian peafowl. Adds beauty to the sanctuary and two occurring on its territory the river - Rango and Madhel.

But the Park is famous not only for its numerous wildlife and beautiful scenery. Since the construction of the zoo was discovered the ruins of the temple and hidden from the Portuguese conquerors and inquisitors stone slabs on which are carved the Hindu deities. These findings have extraordinary cultural value, is also located on the reserve.

Bangla open daily (except zoo, which is closed on Thursdays) from 9 am to 5 PM. To make the walk around the Park even more exotic, you can ride on an elephant, "leased" for an additional fee.