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Former Portuguese colony and now state of Goa, located on the South-West of India, is truly a jewel of the country. Its natural wealth and eternal summer attract the attention of millions of tourists. One of these wonders of Goa has become a kind of nature reserve, zouari, located along the coast of the same river at its confluence with the river Mandovi. These two water flow are a natural border between the Central and southern parts of the state.

The rich flora and fauna, picturesque landscapes and gorgeous beaches, zouari will appeal to people who love adventure and outdoor activities. Among the visitors zouari very popular Canoeing on the river, during which you can observe the many crocodiles living there. On the banks along the river are growing in abundance of mangrove trees of twenty different species in the undergrowth are home to a large variety of birds, including the little bird of Kingfisher, became the official symbol of the state of Goa. It is believed that seeing this colourful bird certainly will find success. In addition to these forests is home to plenty of snakes and jackals. And the river zouari rich in fish that allows the fishermen to get pleasure.

And lovers of quiet time to cost to visit a great beach zouari, located on the shores of the Arabian sea. On the territory of which for the convenience of tourists was built cafes and bars. And near the beach among palm thickets, are several comfortable hotels that are the favorite places for tourists, especially honeymooners.