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Village dance Nrityagram

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Just 35 kilometers from Bangalore city, surrounded by forests, is a small and quiet village called Nrityagram inhabited exclusively by women. The word "nrityagram" means "little village" and could not be better characterize this place. The founder of the settlement in 1990, he became Protima Gauri - the famous performer of Odissi dance. The village is a kind of campus, which constantly live and learn the art of Indian dance a small number of girls.

On-site Nrityagram is the building of the dance school, and also dwelling. All these buildings are made exclusively from natural materials such as wood, stone, clay. His pupils grow food on their own, and sew clothes with my own hands. A resident of the village prefer to live in harmony with nature, arguing that only nature can inspire sincere dance that will be able to touch the soul and heart of the viewer.

Despite the fact that Protima Gauri died in 1998, her lives now. The village Nrityagram has become a very popular place, lot of girls eager to become part of this big family. But the recruitment of new students is conducted every 6 years, and only six winners could be selected.

Nrityagram - absolutely unique and incomparable place, where even the air is filled with the spirit of dance. In the village there are no Newspapers, no TV, no Internet, there is only the dance, which was for the girls the meaning of life. Though a resident of the village seem to be cut off from the world, but in fact it is not. In Nrityagram often have guests and tourists, and the women themselves from time to time go on a tour. They enjoy showing their skills to people, but you should know that their performances they are not allowed to remove the camera, so I do not want to they invented motion was copied.