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Flora Fountain

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Amazing sculptural composition of the Flora Fountain is located in Mumbai in the square "Hutama Chowk", which translated means "place des Martyrs", which is located in the southern part of the city near the famous business district of Fort.

The fountain was built in 1864, depicts the Roman goddess Flora. The initiator of the fountain became agro-horticultural society of Western India, the chief architect of the project was the Norman Show. Originally the fountain was named after the then Governor of Bombay sir Bartley Frere, during which the city was built very rapidly. But then he received a new name - in honor of the beautiful goddess of flowers and spring Flora, whose figure crowns the entire structure. Originally the fountain was to be installed in Victoria Gardens as part of the architectural composition of Abundance, but the final decision about the location of the fountain was made in favor of street Dabachi Naoroji. The fountain was installed in the place of the Church Gate, one of three entrances to the ruined Fort of the Old City.

Flora fountain is a wonderful sculpture on the top of which is a statue of the goddess Flora carved by James Forsyth of the so-called "Portland stone" - a form of limestone that is produced in one of the southwestern counties of England. The composition also includes figures of beautiful women, mythical animals, dolphins, fish, shells.

On the same square, opposite the Fountain in 1960 a Monument was erected to the Martyrs dedicated to all victims in the struggle for independence, depicting the figures of two patriots holding a burning torch.