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The Bull Temple

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Dodd Ganesan (Basavana) Gudi, or as it is commonly called the Bull Temple, located in the southern part of the famous Indian city of Bangalore, located in Karnataka. Around the temple there is a lush Park called Ball Rock.

The bull in Hindu religion is revered as a demi-God, known as Nandi, which is a great devotee of Shiva and always accompanies him. It is believed that the Dodd Ganesan goody is the world's largest temple, dedicated to Nandi. And the greatest attraction and value of this temple is a huge statue of a bull, and most notably, it is constantly coated with oil, or as it is called here, "Benn", as well as oil mixed with charcoal, from which the statue is completely turned black. Nandi is considered to be mahanoy Shiva, a kind of vessel shell, containing in itself the essence of the deity. The Sanskrit word "Nandi" means "joyful". Nearby is she famous statue depicting the son of Lord Shiva Ganesha, with an elephant's head.

Temple Dodd GANESHAN Gudi was built in 1537 by one of the local rulers Kempe Gowdey that, the assurance of historians, moreover, was the founder of Bangalore. The architectural style of the temple is typical for the buildings of the Empire of Vijayanagara. Its dimensions are quite small for such a significant religious buildings. The monument of Nandi is located on a small pedestal right in the center of the building. Opposite the statue is the entrance and a neat little porch, style of Vijayanagara. Vimana, or tower, which covers the main attraction of the temple was established much later - in the early twentieth century, and is decorated with exquisite figures and ornaments.