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Victoria Memorial

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In the former capital of British India and now capital of West Bengal, Kolkata is a Royal memorial to the Queen of Britain and Empress of India Victoria. It is a huge building of dazzling white, surrounded by luxurious gardens.

Quadrangular building, with a height of 56 meters, was built on the initiative of the Viceroy Lord Curzon in 1906-1921. The memorial has mixed several architectural styles, as, indeed, in any building in India. To the main Italian Renaissance style was added, typical of the Eastern part.

For the construction of the architect sir William Emerson had used white marble. The corners of the building are traditionally decorated with small turrets and a Central dome topped by a figure of Victory (or as it is often called "the angel of Victoria"), it is also surrounded by smaller statues personifying Art, Justice, Architecture, Charity.

Today, Victoria memorial is a historical Museum, which is divided into several sections. In the Royal Gallery there are paintings depicting the Queen, her husband albert, her coronation, wedding and other significant events in the life of the Royal couple. In another gallery is the work of famous explorers, naturalists and artists Thomas and William Danielson who visited India in the years 1785-1788. Also a special room reserved for the exhibits that is dedicated to the history and culture of Calcutta since its inception Gob Carnicom, up to the point of depriving her of the status of Indian capital in 1911. In addition, the memorial is the repository of rare books, including books of Shakespeare and Omar Khayyam.