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Basilica of Jesus is situated near Panaji, capital of Goa state. The Church is one of the best examples of architecture in the Baroque style of the times of the Jesuits in India. In it the relics of St Francis Xavier, which was considered a kind of patron Saint of Goa. He came to Goa in 1542 and stayed there for only 4 months but has since returned several times to this Indian state. And even after his death he was buried in China, two years later, his remains were reburied in Goa according to his will.

The construction of the Church began in 1594 and continued until 1605, when it was consecrated.

The front part of the temple is a mixture of ionic, Corinthian, and Doric architectural traditions. On the walls you'll three rows of Windows, one above the other. Inside, as expected, is the main altar, sacristy and the choir, supported by columns. In the back there is a bell tower and two chapels. The chapel, which is a silver sarcophagus with the remains of the Saint, decorated with elaborate wooden carvings and paintings with a picture of Francis Xavier. And his tomb, construction of which took a decade, finished with Florentine marbles of different colors.

Now the Basilica of Jesus the status of a cultural heritage site and masterpiece of world architecture, and is a place of pilgrimage for both Christians and members of other religions. Especially of interest to the temple is increasing at a time when the incorrupt relics of St Francis Xavier on display for worship that occurs once in 10 years. The last time this event was held in 2004. It is believed that the remains of the Saint have healing powers.