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The Bangalore Palace

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The Bangalore Palace is located on the territory of the Palace Gardens, in the heart of the rich sights of the Indian city of Bangalore. The building was erected during the reign of the dynasty Vodeyarov in 1887. It is striking in its splendor and luxury decoration.

Built in Tudor-style Bangalore Palace is replete with Gothic Windows, battlements and many of the fortified towers. Inside this building is decorated with elaborate wooden carvings and paintings and is a wonderful mix of Oriental and European styles. In the middle of Palace square is the courtyard, which is lined with fluorescent blue ceramic tiles color. Beside the courtyard is a large and lavish ballroom, where in Czarist times for banquets. Another unique hall called the Durbar Hall, it was intended for various meetings. Its walls are decorated with exquisite paintings, and there stands a huge statue depicting the head of an elephant. On one of the walls of the Durbar Hall houses a number of Windows decorated with stained glass. All the inner chambers of the Palace are full of bright colors, dominated by yellow, blue, red and green.

Today the Palace serves as a venue for various events, festivals, conferences and exhibitions. He also, of course, is open to tourists.