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The temple complex of Sri Radha Krishna

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The temple complex of Sri Radha Krishna, which is located in the Indian state of Karnataka, in the Northern part of Bangalore city, near Rajajinagar, belongs to the organization ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness International Society of Krishna Consciousness). He is one of the largest of the many temples, and established ISKCON, which is also known as the "hare Krishna Movement".

The temple complex was established quite recently, in may 1997 in the framework of promotion and dissemination of the ideology of this organization. In the ceremony of its opening was even attended by one of the former presidents of India Mr. Shankar Dayal Sharma. However, the Church officially opened its doors to visitors in 1998, and from the very first days of his "work" has become not just a place for prayer, but a real cultural and educational center.

But above all, Sri Krishna is famous for its interesting architectural style that combines the rich architectural traditions of India and modern trends and technologies. Four white gopuram (main tower) which are decorated with carved panels and various sculptures, United by a glass dome, forming a huge hall called "Hari Naam Kirtan". Its area is almost 930 square meters. The ceiling of this room painted with bright paintings, which depict mythological scenes. The main shrines of the temple are the statues of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha.

Also on site is a large meditation garden, beautiful pond, Vedic theatre and the rich Museum of the history of religion. In addition, the hotel even produces its own newspaper "Back to Prabhupada".