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The Cathedral Of St. Catherine in Old Goa

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One of the most famous religious buildings of Old Goa is considered the Cathedral of St. Catherine, also known as Se Cathedral. He is one of the largest churches not only in India, but across Asia, and is named after Catherine of Alexandria.

The Cathedral was built to commemorate the victory of the Portuguese troops, commanded by Afonso de Albuquerque over a Muslim army, which allowed him to capture the city of Goa in 1510. This event coincided with the feast of St. Catherine, why the Cathedral was named after her. The construction of the building began in 1552 by order of the Governor George Cabral, then the material for the creation of the Church began...clay, mud and brushwood. Therefore, in 1562 during the reign of king Sebastiano of the House was a new project of the Church. And finally the building was completed in 1619 and 1640, the Cathedral was consecrated.

The Cathedral was built in the Manueline style - a kind of Portuguese version of the Renaissance style, the interior is decorated in the Corinthian style.

According to the idea of the Cathedral had two towers-the bell tower, but in 1776 one of them collapsed and, unfortunately, was never restored. But, despite this, the Cathedral has not lost its charm and grandeur. Now for the remainder of the tower the bell, named "Golden" because of its beautiful sound. He is recognized as the largest in the state, and one of the best in the world. In total, the Cathedral has five large bells.

Also in the Cathedral are the 15 altars located in eight different chapels. The main thing is the altar of Catherine, both sides of which are beautiful old paintings depicting the Saint. Next to it is the chapel of the Divine cross, which, as stated, the people in 1919, was Jesus himself. Here you can admire the wonderful wooden panels on which are carved scenes from the life of St. Catherine.

The Cathedral is really unique, its magnificent architecture, grandeur and beauty will not leave anyone indifferent. And it was inscribed on the world Heritage list of UNESCO.