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National Park "the Quiet Valley"

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National Park with a wonderful name "silent valley" is located in the Blue Mountains (Nilgiri hills), which are located in Kerala in southern India.

There are several theories as to where the name of the area. According to one, it was named "silent" because they do not hear the usual for this area of the singing of cicadas. And according to another theory, the name appeared due to the fact that the valley inhabits a special kind of monkeys - the wander (lat. macaca silenus, and eng. "silent" means "silent, silence").

The first scientist who turned his attention to the place, became in 1847 the British botanist Robert Weight. Thanks to him, already in 1914, the valley has acquired the status of protected territory, which, however, has not prevented the authorities in 1928 on flowing through this area the river Kunthipuzha to install a small hydroelectric power plant.

Today it is a unique place with an area of more 237кв km, which is fully covered with tropical and evergreen forests, has become home to many mammals, birds and reptiles. Among the most common types you can allocate linkworthy macaques (the aforementioned wonder), which are virtually an endangered species. It is because of this type of Primate that are on the verge of extinction and was officially established in 1980 this Park, and in 1983 Prime Minister Indira Gandhi awarded him the national status.

Since 2001, around the Park are waging a fierce debate, as some authorities want to engage in the development and expansion of existing on-site Park power plant. What oppose conservationists and environmentalists, arguing that such intervention in the ecosystem of the valley will entail irreversible changes that will lead to the death of Vander and other inhabitants of the Park.

However, in 2007, the project to build the dam was approved.