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Cave Arvalem

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Mostly Goa attracts tourists with its beautiful sea and beaches, but this state is famous for the huge number of cultural, historical and religious monuments. For example, in its territory, in the Northern part, near the city Bikalam is a unique place - the Cave Arvalem.

They represent a kind of man-made catacombs, which the local population associates the many legends. According to the most common, these caves were built by the heroes of the Hindu epic Mahabharata the five Pandava brothers who have taken refuge in this place during his 12-year exile. Therefore, the cave is sometimes called Pandavas. According to another theory, the creation of Armalinsky caves are attributed to a wandering Buddhist monks. Most scientists are inclined to this version of the origin of caves, as in structure they resemble a typical Buddhist monastery.

The cave is divided into five main sections, each of which contains a sacred stone Linga - not anthropomorphic symbol of the God Shiva - stone set vertically with a hemispherical or rounded apex. At one of these "Ling" has an inscription in Sanskrit using Indian symbols syllabic brahmi script. In addition, each winding turn in the caves leads to the Vihara - the ancient call his cell or temporary asylum friars, where they slept and ate, and later became the term used to denote the monasteries and temple complexes, which sometimes lived thousands of monks.

According to archaeological research, the age of this building is around the 15th and 16th centuries because they were created around the V or VI century.