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Garden The Rambam

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Garden the Rambam is considered the oldest garden, created in the times of the Mughals. It is in a great location just 5 kilometers North-East from the Taj Mahal in Agra.

The garden was built by Mughal Emperor Babur in 1528. And in Rampage he was buried before his remains were moved to Kabul. The name "the Rambam" comes from the distorted Persian "Aaram Bagh" means "garden of rest". It is also known as "Bagh-I Nur Afshan" - "garden of the scattered light and ALSI Bagh", "the garden of laziness." It is connected with the legend according to which the Emperor Akbar made his third wife in this garden, where she was a gardener, and he lay down in it, doing nothing for six days until, until she agreed to marry him. It is also known that the famous Jahangir stayed in 1621 it was in this garden, waiting for the astrologers don't specify for him the most favorable time to enter Agra after he conquered the Fort of Kangra.

The garden was decorated in a Persian style - the focus was on the abundance of sunlight, at the same time, in the garden there are pavilions, gazebos, tall tall trees that provide ample shade on hot days. Also the garden is divided into parts a large number of cobbled alleyways, and in the center are numerous fountains and a pond, from which in different directions waste channels. Persian garden style is a representation of the Muslim Paradise - a beautiful garden where crossed by crystal clear rivers.

The garden was built two pavilions, "looking" at the river by the Jumna (Yamuna, Yamuna), which rested dignitaries of the Emperor.