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Famous University of Mumbai, or as it affectionately call themselves students of MU, is a state school, which is located in Mumbai in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Until 1996 it was called the University of Bombay.

This University is considered one of the first institutions of higher learning in the country. It was founded in 1857 by Dr. John Wilson, in the likeness of the educational institutions of Britain. Now the University complex consists of several buildings: the Kalina campus, located in the suburbs of Mumbai Fort campus; campus Ratnagiri and a few others. But the main campus is the Fort, which houses the entire administration of the institution, moreover, it represents an amazing architectural structure. The campus takes its name from the district in which is located is a bustling business centre of the city, on the territory of which in the past housed a defensive Fort. The building was built in the Gothic style and is attracted by its special solemn and gloomy atmosphere. It abounds with arches, columns, narrow Windows and stained glass. One of the main attractions of this building is the clock tower called Rajabai, or even its name Mumbai big Ben. It was designed by British architect sir George Gilbert Scott. Its construction was completed in 1870-ies. It was named after a woman named Radhabai, mother of businessman Premchand Raichand, who sponsored the construction. The tower has a height of 85 meters and it is located University library.

After the acquisition of independence by India University of Mumbai is no longer just an educational institution. At the moment he is turned into a research centre, which deals with the study and solution of various social problems, and sociology and politics. Also, most of Profsafety (colleges and academies) of the city are part of it.