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A small but very interesting Museum and cultural research center, known as the Tibet house, located in the capital of India new Delhi and NCR. Initially this institution was organized in 1965 by the Dalai Lama to promote Tibetan culture and preserve its rich heritage, as well as the center for the study of Buddhism. The exposition of the Museum was about the simple Tibetans the crumbs. In addition to the Museum, therefore, the joint efforts of the entire nation was created and the beautiful library.

The Museum building is in the heart of new Delhi, a modern five-story building. It contains about 5000 different books and manuscripts, works of art, objects of religious worship and temple utensils, and more. Also there are lectures, seminars, conferences, exhibitions, festivals, film screenings and various meetings on the subject of Buddhist history, philosophy, art and literature.

In addition to the USA in 1987 by Columbia University Professor Robert Thurman, a famous Hollywood actor Richard Gere and modern composer Philip Glass was created by a Buddhist society, which helps the Delhi Tibetan Home.

Due to the fact that the issue of independence of Tibet today is very serious and attracts the attention of many people around the world, Tibet house attends every year huge number of tourists who are genuinely interested to get acquainted with this ancient and profound culture better.