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The Shanta Durga Temple

Photos and description

The huge temple complex of Shanta Durga, dedicated to one of the incarnations of Parvati, wife and constant companion of the God Shiva, located in the small village of kavali which is located in the Ponda region of the famous resort of Indian state of Goa.

The temple in its present form, was built over 8 years and was finally finished in 1738 during the reign of Raja Shahu Chhatrapati of the Maratha dynasty. Prior to that, he was a small hut built of mud and clay, which was moved to the statue of the goddess of destroyed in 1564 by the Portuguese sanctuary on the island Salsette. The statue depicts the goddess Shanta Durga, holding in each hand a snake: one represents Shiva and the other Vishnu.

The complex of Shanta Durga is located at the foot of the mountain range and surrounded on all sides by lush vegetation. It consists of a main building and three temples built around it smaller. All the buildings are painted in bright Terra cotta color.

The main temple is an interesting architectural structure with a tiered pyramidal roof, surmounted by a graceful dome. The building is also decorated with massive columns carved from the Kashmiri stone balconies with balustrades and has many Windows.

Near the temple is a huge pond, a guest house, which is called "agraharas", as well as traditional tower Deepa Stambha, which is considered a connecting link between Heaven (Svarga) and the Earth (Prithvi).

The complex was rebuilt several times and reconstructed, the most serious and large-scale reconstruction was carried out in 1966.