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The market in Anjuna

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Anjuna is a small town on the beautiful sea coast of the smallest Indian state Goa. One of the attractions that attract the largest number of tourists in this small town, is the famous flea market, which is arranged on one of the gorgeous beaches of Anjuna, close to the main road, every Wednesday. Flock there such a huge number of people that because of traffic jams, car traffic stops for the day. It is noteworthy that in this place you can not only buy something but also to sell: anyone who wants to trade at the flea market of Anjuna, you just have to pay RS 100 per seat.

There was this market in the 1960-ies, during the hippie, who became his kind of "organizers". They always come to the beach of Anjuna was going in the company, listened to music, danced and sang until the morning. Then they sometimes had to sell their own belongings to get money for accommodation. Since this area have targeted the sellers of various kinds of goods.

In this market you can purchase a huge amount of stuff: a variety of Souvenirs, clothing, jewelry, Smoking pipes, carved coconut candle holders, books, stationery, belts, scarves, ritual paraphernalia, dolls, carpets, furniture, utensils, equipment, things like handmade and factory production, both new and used. In addition, in this place at every turn there are people selling prohibited goods - stolen equipment and drugs. But private police raids forced them to behave very carefully.

The main rule that should be followed while on the market - it is necessary to bargain even for the most insignificant and small thing.

Then you can make yourself memorable tattoo, temporary with henna or permanent.