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Temple Golden Sahib

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Temple Golden Sahib also known as Darbar Sahib, is located in Armitsar in the Indian state of Punjab. But most often it is called the "Golden temple" due to the fact that practically all of its outer surface to the top of the dome, except for the bottom layer, covered with gold leaf. This Gurdwara Sikh other words - a place of worship, was created by the fifth Sikh Guru - Guru Dev Arjan approximately in the XVI century. And when in 1604 was completed the Scriptures of this religion, called ADI Granth, they were deposited in the Golden temple, Sahib.

Its present form it acquired after the restructuring, which was made in 1764 on the initiative of the prominent spiritual leader of the Sikhs Sultan ul quam Nawab Jassi Singh Ahluwalia. In addition, in the XIX century, another leader of the Sikh ruler Maharaja Ranjit Singh ordered to cover the upper floors of the temple with gold, for which, as mentioned above, Golden Sahib and got another the name "Golden temple". The official name of "Golden Sahib" literally translates as "the Temple of God."

In General, the Golden Sahib is a complex located around a small lake Sarovar, in the center of which stands the building of the temple. The water in this lake is considered to be healing, people believe that it is a mixture of Holy water and elixir of immortality.

In the Golden temple can be accessed through one of four existing doors - one on each side, which symbolize the openness of Sikh temples for all people, regardless of their nationality and religion. Due to this, the Darbar Sahib is visited daily by about a hundred thousand people.