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Memorial Museum the Indira Gandhi

Photos and description

Indira Gandhi is an incredibly important figure in the history of modern India. Memorial Museum created in her honor, is a large, but rather plain white building that was her residence at that time, when she was Prime Minister of the country. Shortly after her assassination in 1984, the house was transformed into a Museum.

The exposition is quite modest in size, but it contains very interesting exhibits - photos of Indira Gandhi with famous political and public figures, as, for example, Mahatma Gandhi and Richard Nixon, documents and personal items. The collection tells about her life, starting from childhood. You can still see her bedroom, in which all subjects remained on the same places that in her life. One of the main instances of the collection of the Museum is the last manuscript of Indira Gandhi, as expected, written on the night before the murder, and her blood-stained Sari, which she was shot by his own bodyguards.

The Museum also has an exhibition dedicated to the son of Indira Gandhi Rajiv, in which, among other exhibits photos taken by the politician, and burned the clothes he was wearing during the explosion of a bomb leading to the death of Rajiv.

The memory of Indira Gandhi lives in the hearts of the people, and so this memorial Museum is a very popular place, especially among the Indian citizens, who come there to pay tribute to their beloved leader.