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National Park Sanjay Gandhi

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In the Northern part of the suburb of Mumbai is a wonderful national Park named after Sanjay Gandhi, earlier, before the acquisition of independence by India, known as Krishnagiri. In 1974 he received the name Borivali, and in 1981 was renamed in honor of the deceased son of Indira Gandhi Sanjay.

The Park is located on the hills surrounding the city. At its centre are the famous kanheri Caves - a place of pilgrimage of Buddhists, established in the first century. Also in the Park there are two beautiful lakes Vihar and Tulsi.

The Park is a lush forest, where there are a large variety of plants, a total of about 1000 species. Especially picturesque area becomes during flowering karwia - a beautiful plant that blooms once every 8-10 years. Last time this happened in 2008, and following the flowering period is expected in 2016.

Among this lush vegetation, you'll encounter several types of deer, including axisof and antakov, rhesus monkeys, porcupines, musango, tennosei (Indian) birds, samburov, leopards, hyenas, antelopes chetyrehrogaja, Indian olenikov, crocodiles and monitor lizards. During a visit to the reserve need to be extremely careful, because on its territory there is found a large number of snakes, including poisonous, such as living only in India bamboo keffiyeh, chain Viper and boiga Ceylon.

Earlier in the Park lived and Bengal tigers, but, unfortunately, at the moment there is no official confirmation of this fact, although their traces are sometimes found. But the management of the reserve to deliberately change this situation, and to for Park status of the area inhabited by these endangered animals.

National Park Sanjay Gandhi is one of the most popular in Asia areas. Most tourists are attracted by the opportunity to participate in the famous lion Safari and observe these animals up close. In General, Park for the year is visited by about 2 million tourists.