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Birla Mandir Temple

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Truly one of the finest modern creations of human hands - white Birla Mandir temple, located in the ancient Indian city of Hyderabad, in Andhra Pradesh. Only in India was constructed several similar temples, and they are all called Birla Mandir, including one of them is in Delhi.

This multi-tiered Hindu temple, dedicated to one of the incarnations of Vishnu - the God Venkateswara, built entirely of white marble. It is located on 85-meter high hill called Nowbath Pahad, and the area of this temple complex covers about 53 square meters. The construction of the Birla Mandir in Hyderabad has taken 10 years, and finally it was completed in 1976, the same year the Church was consecrated. In Birla Mandir are no traditional bells, as on the idea of the atmosphere in the room need to be calm and to foster contemplation and meditation.

Architecture Birla Mandir is a blend of South Indian Rajasthani traditions and architecture of the temples although actually he. In General, for its construction took about 2 thousand tons of pure Rajasthani white marble. Its walls are decorated with beautiful carved panels, elegant columns and balconies. Inside the temple walls are decorated with fine floral patterns and ornaments. The greatest Shrine of this place is the statue of the deity Vishnu, carved from granite and having a height more than 3 meters.

The temple doors are open to absolutely everyone, regardless of religion, age and gender, as bequeathed to the great spiritual leader of the Indian nation Mahatma Gandhi.