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The Lakshman Temple

Photos and description

The Laxman temple is located in Khajuraho, a small village of Madhya Pradesh, which is located in the centre of India. He is part of the famous temple complex, and belongs to the Western group of buildings. It is dedicated to one of the main Gods of the Hindu Pantheon - Vishnu. But, like other temples, Khajuraho, Lakshman attracts more tourists than pilgrims.

The temple is very old - its construction lasted around 20 years, from about 930 at 950 years. The initiator of the temple of Laxman became the ruler of the once mighty state of Candela Yasovarman.

The architecture of the Church differs little from the architecture of other buildings of the complex. Its main charm is in the details.

Laxman stands on a kind of high pedestal and has all the traditional "parts" of the religious buildings of this type: a small terrace, or as it is called ardh-mandapa, mandapa - a large pavilion with a colonnade to commit public rituals, the Maha-mandapa - main hall is very large, antral and garbhagriha is a small unlit room where is located the main Shrine of the temple.

The walls of the building is decorated with many small Windows with elegant balconies and balustrades. External wall Lakshman, however, and other temples in Khajuraho, covered with sculptures, mostly depicting people in a very explicit poses and erotic scenes.

The main attraction and a Shrine of the temple of Lakshman is four and three-headed sculpture of Vishnu. The Central head of the statue is human, the other two wild boar and a lion.