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National Park Anshi

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India is a country where people go to find peace of mind and balance, and nothing contributes to this like a close communion with nature. Mesmerizing landscapes, rich flora and fauna of Anshi National Park, located in the Northern Ghats on the border of the States of Goa and Karnataka, will help you to get real pleasure from communication with this country.

In 1956 the territory, which at the moment is Anshi was promoted to the status of the reserve, and in 1987 a proposal was made about cutting down part of the forest to create a Park. And in 2002 the construction of the Park was finally completed. Currently, the area is about 90 sq km, which stretches lush tropical vegetation. Among the most common plants of the Park Anshi is bamboo, calophyllum felt, Lantana, eucalyptus. Also there is the tick, which is widely used in construction and especially appreciated for being not afraid of termites.

The Park harbors a variety of animals, including endangered species. There are wild boars, Indian bisons, sambari, axisy, sloth bears, jungle cats, jackals, Indian giant squirrels, flying squirrels, wild dogs, porcupines. But most of all Anshi is famous for black Panthers, Bengal tigers and elephants.

Also in the Park you can meet the king Cobra, tiger Python, SIPO snake, lizard. Birds are often found gray Artemy, Sultanova green pigeon, Ceylon Shushary, Indian hornbills.

In the Park you can rent a house, which is located on the territory of the peculiar "nature" camp.

To visit the National Park Anshi you should choose the period from October to may when weather conditions are most favourable.