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The Bhadra Reserve

Photos and description

The Bhadra reserve is located on the slopes of the Western Ghats, in the lush tropical jungles of Karnataka. Originally, when in 1951, this territory was declared a nature reserve, it was called the Valley nature Reserve spank, the name of a small village, which was located not far from this place. But in 1974 the reserve was to be called Bhadra, and flows through the territory of the river, besides its area was increased from 77 square miles to 492 sq. km. And in 1998 the reserve was also declared a kind of tiger reservation. For this it was necessary to implement the plan to transfer the 26 villages, which were located on its territory. Towns was moved to a distance of 50 km from the borders of the reserve.

Bhadra is divided into two parts - Western Lakkavalli-Muthodi and Eastern Bababudangiri, and is surrounded by scenic hills and steep mountains, such as the highest mountains in the state - Mullayanagiri and Tallahatchie. The site includes several large waterfalls.

In Bhadra is home to many animals and birds that thrive in this protected area. There you can observe parrots, peacocks, partridges, elephants, deer, Indian Gaura and, of course, tigers. According to the national programme for the protection of these animals in the reserve, wounded and weak tiger, and at the moment its territory is home to about 33 of these huge cats. Among the trees, mainly dominated by deciduous, about 120 species, including teak and rosewood.

Best times to visit the reserve is between November to March. On its territory there was created a special mini-hotels for tourists who want to see the beauty of Bhadra.