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Only in India there are five planetariums named after the first Prime Minister of the country Jawaharlal Nehru. One of these planetariums are located in the capital of India - new Delhi and NCR.

It is located in the teen Murti Bhavan, or as it is officially called place - Memorial Museum and library Jawaharlal Nehru. Earlier this building housed the official residence policy. The Prime Minister was interested in astronomy and sought to awaken people, and especially children, interest in science and astronomy in particular. Therefore, the construction of the planetarium in the territory of his residence was quite natural. It was inaugurated in 1984 6 Feb Indira Gandhi.

The biggest attraction of this place is the compartment of the spacecraft Soyuz T-10 that went into space first cosmonaut of India Rakesh Sharma. Also stored there is his spacesuit and on-Board magazine.

Also very popular among the visitors began performances, which take place in the Theater of the sky. Every year they attract about 200 thousand tourists. Also you can see the various photo, video, drawings and even cartoons on the space theme.

Planetarium Jawaharlal Nehru in Delhi some time not worked, as there were repairs and restoration work. It reopened its doors to visitors in September 2010. Now heed everyone presents optical star projector "Megastar" that can show about 2 million stars. In addition, the planetarium has a few old telescopes, projectors and solar filters in all units, which you can use to observe solar eclipses.