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Fort Tiracol

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One of the many military fortifications India called Tiracol Fort, or as it's also called Terekhol, is located in the southern state of Goa in the Northern part of the source of the river Terekhol.

The Fort was built in the XVII century by Maharaja Khem savant Bhonsle - Raja of savantvadi. The place of construction was chosen as the Northern (right) Bank of the river where a good view of the coast and coastal waters of the Arabian sea. And the Fort consisted of barracks and the chapel, and was armed with twelve guns. In 1746 against Raja Maharaja was made by the Portuguese headed to the 44th Viceroy Pedro Miguel de Almeida. And 23 Nov 1746 in one of the sea battles, the Europeans won the final victory over the Indian ruler. Since then, the Tiracol Fort has become one of the most important naval bases of the Portuguese, who completely rebuilt it in 1764.

This place remained under the control of Europeans until 1961, until after a long struggle, finally was given the power of the Indian state. But up to this point for the possession of this strategic point had been heavy fighting. For example, in 1825 the rebels, under the leadership of the first born in Goa Viceroy - Dr. Bernard Perez da Silva, who opposed Portuguese rule, was all cut, and their heads on bayonets put on display. Then the Fort was badly damaged - was destroyed a barracks for soldiers and a chapel, which, fortunately, was later restored. In addition, the chapel was then turned into a full-fledged Church, which everyone knows as the Church of St. Anthony.

At the moment, the Fort turned into a hotel which is happy to accept all comers.