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The famous zoo of Hyderabad Nehru is one of the most frequently visited places in this city. Named after the first Prime Minister of independent India, Jawaharlal Nehru Zoological Park was officially presented to the public in 1963. It is located on the territory of 150 hectares and is adjacent to a huge two hundred year old lake of Mir Alam Tank. The Park is a kind of buffer zone where for each individual animal created conditions simulating its natural habitat. In total, the Nehru zoo is home to about 250 species of animals, birds and reptiles, such as tigers, Asian lions, deer, kangaroos, antelopes, Panthers, pythons, Indian (spectacled) Cobra. All animals are under constant surveillance of overseers.

The zoo also has a "night lounge" where you can in action to see the nocturnal animals and birds such as hedgehogs, Bengal cats, civets, Laurie, spotted the tawny owl, barn owls, bats.

In addition to constantly living on the territory of the zoo Park inhabitants, the lake of Mir Alam Tank during migration, is a favorite place for many migratory birds. Which in turn attracts birders from all over the world. Given this, the zoo organized an excursion and pleasure trips on the lake by boat and ferry.

Daily (except Monday, when the institution is closed) at the zoo can participate in themed Safari, ride an elephant or visit a natural history Museum. The youngest visitors have the opportunity to ride on a special train at the children's Park or to visit the section, where the shapes of dinosaurs.