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One of the attractions of the old Indian city of Jaipur has become famous albert Hall, the oldest state Museum of Rajasthan, which is also called the State Central Museum.

Designed by the English Colonel Sir Samuel Swinton Jacob, the building was created in honor of the Prince of Wales Edward VII, in 1876 during the visit of the monarch to India was laid its first stone. The completed building was only 11 years later - in 1887. The Museum is located in the garden of RAM Niches just opposite the New Gate. Initially it was assumed that the albert Hall will be a city Hall Meeting, but it was subsequently decided to turn it into a Museum of arts, Jaipur. Today it houses a unique collection of valuable items, which includes wood and metal, luxurious handmade carpets, bright fabrics, paintings, weapons and uniforms, toys and dolls, pottery, there is a hall dedicated to the flora and fauna of the state, as well as an Egyptian mummy. Later, in 1959, the Museum was rebuilt and expanded, added a few new galleries. One of them are representative for this area clothing and jewelry from different tribes and classes, while the other is dedicated to the famous henna, namely traditional drawings Rajasthani - Mehndi Mandala, which are recognizable worldwide. Also the albert Hall is known for its collection of miniature picture gallery, and Music and Dance of Rajasthan.

In addition to the unique collection of works of art of great interest to tourists is the building itself of the Museum, which is a real architectural masterpiece, designed in Indo-Saracenic style.