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The rock caves of Bhimbetka

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Rock the Bhimbetka caves is a truly unique place, located in the Central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh, in the district Riesen. The bhimbetka is one of the earliest sources on which to judge the "culture" and lifestyle of prehistoric man. According to scientists, some of these caves were used as shelter and housing, humanoid homo erectus, a hundred thousand years ago. So, some of the rock paintings found there, are more than 30 thousand years.

The name of a cave associated with the name of a divine hero Bhima of the famous folk epic the Mahabharata, who was known for his incredible strength. The word "Bhimbetka" comes from "Bhimbetka", which means "the place where the sitting of Bhima".

The Bhimbetka caves are located 45 kilometres from Bhopal, on the South side of the mountain range Vindhya. This whole area is covered with lush vegetation and rich fauna.

The first archaeologists interested in this place in 1888, thanks to the stories of the local tribes. Later, since the mid-twentieth century, it was studied in greater detail by the famous Indian archaeologist Vishnu Sridhar Wakankar. Since this site was discovered more than 700 caves-shelters, of which 243 belong to the group of Bhimbetka, and represent the amazing caves of different sizes, smooth walls and rounded forms which have guided the scientists to believe that once this area was under water.

The huge popularity of the cave acquired due to the large number of rock paintings depicting various scenes from the life inhabiting them at the time. For example, you can see scenes of birth, the ritual dance, harvesting honey, hunting, "funeral", as well as images of plants and animals.

Rock the Bhimbetka caves are listed as UNESCO World Heritage.