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The Kapaleeswarar Temple

Photos and description

The temple dedicated to the Hindu God Shiva, under the name of Kapaleeswarar is located in the suburban area of Mylapur the ancient city of Chennai, which is located in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

The exact date of the creation of the temple is not known, but scientists suggest that the time of its construction falls in the VII century, when the region rule of the powerful Pallava dynasty. Its name comes from the words "kapala", which means "head", and "Iswara" - one of names of Shiva. Kapaleeswarar is a typical example of Dravidian architectural style. Its main gopuram is a tower that rises 40 meters over the entire street on which it is located. It has two entrances from different sides. The outer walls of the Gopuram is decorated with numerous brightly painted figures of people, animals and birds. In the main sanctuary Kapaleeswarar Vahan can find several shapes, which are a kind of container of essence of the Godhead: elephant, goat, parrot, Bandicoot and, of course, the peacock and the bull, which has always been considered one of the main forms of reincarnation of Shiva. And recently, another feature has been added Vahan - the Golden chariot.

The temple also worship Shiva's wife Goddess Parvati and one of her many incarnations, Karpagambal.

In the temple every day, four times Puja is a Hindu ritual sacrifices: morning, afternoon, evening, and so-called pradosha Puja of Kaal. Also inside the Church are several festivals. One of the most famous and important is the festival Rupakumar, during which honored the followers of shaivism - direction of Hinduism, a tradition that imply special worship of Shiva.