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Temple Chettikulangara Devi

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Temple Chettikulangara Devi, or as it is sometimes called Chettikulangara Sri Bhagavathi, is located in the southern Indian state of Kerala, in Alappuzha district, near the towns of Mavelikkara and Kayamkulam. In appearance it is very modest, but famous for its vibrant festivals that take place throughout the year.

The temple is very ancient, its history began more than a thousand years ago. At the moment there are several versions of its appearance. According to one of the most common a few centuries ago the local population went to the annual festival, which took place in the temple Caupolicana, which was located a few kilometers from Chettikulangara. But visitors there made fun of the local residents. Offended guests decided that in retaliation, they will build in their own village temple, and went for a blessing of the Goddess in the city of Kodungallur, where 12 days sang the Bhajan, special spiritual practices to please the Goddess. And here's to him in a dream Devi appeared and agreed to go with them in Chettikulangara. So overjoyed the pilgrims returned home and immediately commenced building a new Church. Later, many villagers claimed that they had seen in the temple and in its vicinity the very Devi the image of older women.

The main feature of the temple Chettikulangara is that it gives worship to multiple Deities. So, in the morning the Goddess appears as Maha Saraswati in the afternoon - as Maha Lakshmi, and in the evening Sri Durga and Bhadrakali. The main Shrine of the temple, located in the Central hall, called Chettikulangara Amma.

The temple is under the control of the Board of Travancore Devaswom (in translation from Sanskrit - "Lord property") that support a Hindu religious buildings of the country, and is one of the richest temples.