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The Golkonda Fort

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11 kilometers from the present Indian city of Hyderabad, are located the ruins of the ancient city of golkonda, who in the XVI-XVII centuries was the capital of the homonymous Duchy. The main building, preserved to our days, is the Central fortress that was built to protect the city from attacks of the moguls, and placed on a hill, at an altitude of 120 metres.

The initial version of the fortress was built in the XII century during the reign of the Indian dynasty Kakatiya, but for three centuries it was several times conquered, and to 1507 came to power, the Islamic rulers of Qutb Shahi, who has restored the dilapidated citadel. But in 1687, after a nine-month siege, the fortress of golkonda was finally destroyed by the Mughal Emperor Aurangazeb.

Fortunately, even now you can see all the former power of the citadel. It consists of four clearly distinguishable parts, the length of the wall which is about 10km. The total number of bastions is 87, they have a semicircular shape, and some even still standing combat weapon.

On the territory of the fortress there is everything necessary for life at that time buildings: residential buildings, temples, both Hindu and Muslim, as well as stables and warehouses. In addition, there was a lot of decorative elements, fountains and pools. The fortress has eight gates, which are carefully guarded, and four lifting bridge.

On-site facilities wonderful acoustics, and even the sound of footsteps was heard at a considerable distance. This effect has been specially created to provide greater security the Sultan's family.

Such precautions have also been associated with the fact that at the time Golconda was the center of production and trade in diamonds. And known around the world such gems as the Kohinoor and hope (Hope) at one time was kept in the fortress.