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The Mansion Of Mani Bhavan

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The mansion of Mani Bhavan, located in a Central district of Mumbai, is the place where Mahatma Gandhi stayed during his stay in the city. And this building was the original headquarters of the spiritual leader of the movement for the liberation of India in the years 1917-1934.

The owner of the house was the family of Mani, namely Revashankar Jageman, Jhaveri - a great friend and ally of Gandhi. In 1955 the building was transferred to the ownership of Gandhi Smarak, Nidhi national Foundation in memory of Gandhi as a historical and cultural monument.

This two-story building is a real pride of the city. After all, being in him, Mahatma Gandhi had launched the Satyagraha movement - non-violent resistance, calling upon the Indian people to refuse to purchase British goods, and failure to comply with some established British laws.

At the entrance to Mani Bhavan has a statue of Mahatma Gandhi, which people often bring flowers as a sign of respect. On the ground floor there is a large photo gallery, which contains a collection of photographs of the Indian leader, from his early childhood to the last days of his life, as well as newspaper clippings with materials about him. On the second floor is the master bedroom Gandhi, the interior is completely been changed. Room separated from visitors by a glass partition. Opposite the bedrooms is the hall in which heed proposed photography as well as paintings depicting Gandhi in various times of his life. And at the end of the tour you can go to the terrace, where Mahatma Gandhi was arrested in 1932.

In 2010, Mani Bhavan was visited by President Barack Obama with his wife Michelle, becoming the first foreign visitor to the Museum of such a high level over the past 50 years. To him such a man was Martin Luther king. The administration of the Museum expressed hope that the visit of the us President will attract people's attention to Mani Bhavan.