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Beautiful Cubbon Park is located in the heart of the Indian city of Bangalore, and is considered to be his "light". The Park was laid in 1864, but formally opened in 1870 on the initiative of major General Richard Sankey, who at that time was not only the British head of the city, but the chief engineer of Mysore state.

Initially the Park was called "MIDs Park" after sir John Meade, the acting Commissioner of the state of Mysore, but almost immediately was renamed to "Cubbon Park", by the name of sir Mark Cubbon - man, the acting Commissioner for the longest time. But already in 1927 the Park again changed its name. This time he received the name "Sri Chamarajendra Park" in honor of the 25th anniversary of the reign of the Mysore Sri Krishnaraja Vadear Manager Mysore in the nineteenth century. That's when it was laid the Foundation of the Park. But most known this place was under the name of "Cubbon".

When creating a Park occupied an area of about 0.4 sq km, now its area has expanded to 1.2 sq km. In total Cubbon, there are about 96 species of trees, shrubs and flowers, including local - Cassia fistula, ficus, polyalthia, breadfruit, etc.; of exotic plants in the Park there are castanospermum, bamboo, Araucaria, sinus soft and others. While all year round the Park is full of flowers and greenery, and the presence and also the open-air stage, where it is often the orchestra, and an amazing Lotus pond, making it truly unique and a favorite spot of visitors and residents of Bangalore.

The Park is not just a garden, it is a set of lush vegetation, magnificent buildings, sculptures and monuments of famous people. It provides a large number of roads (but in the Park are allowed to enter only small-sized passenger cars), and pedestrian trails, especially in the morning, I like to walk the visitors.

Almost in the centre of Cubbon is a gorgeous bright red building Attar Kacheri. Today it houses the Supreme Court. Also the Park has many other facilities such as: urban public library (Seshadri lier memorial Hall), Government and Technological museums, aquarium (considered second largest in India), art gallery Venkatappa, state youth centre Javanica, Cheshire Dyer memorial Hall, children's amusement Park Jawahar Bal Bhawan etc.

Also in the Park are monuments to Queen Victoria (1906), king Edward VII (1919), major General sir Mark Cubbon, Sri Chamarajendra Vadear (1927) and sir K. Sheshadri Liera (1913).