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Church. Francis Of Assisi

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Church. Francis of Assisi, located in the Old part of the famous resort of Indian state of Goa, about ten kilometers from the capital city Panaji is a beautiful building which in its architecture harmoniously combines traditional both Hindu and Christian elements.

The history of the Church. Francis of Assisi began as a small chapel, the construction of which, however, lasted a long four years between 1517 and 1521. As expected, the building immediately after the building was consecrated, but in the short time he had to carry. In the form in which the Church can be seen now, it was erected in 1661, from the old buildings remained only "the lobby". In addition, when a new Church was also established educational centre which unfortunately was closed by the Portuguese authorities about 1835.

Church. Francis of Assisi is a huge building with many rooms and confusing corridors. Its walls and ceiling is decorated with paintings and stucco - skillfully painted scenes from the Bible, and floral, typical of Hindu temples. The main hall of the Church is richly decorated with decorative elements - gilded mouldings, painted columns and carved panels. There you can also see two big statues of Jesus Christ and St. Francis of Assisi.

In 1964, the Indian government decided to transform the Church. Francis of Assisi a Museum where on display visitors exhibited beautiful paintings, ancient relics and religious items.