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St. Mary's Church

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The beautiful city of Bangalore, located in Karnataka, is famous not only for its splendid gardens, palaces, and churches. So, one of the attractions of Bangalore is the Roman Catholic St. Mary's Church (Basilica of Saint Mary). This is the oldest Church in the city, besides she's the only one in the state received the status of a Minor Basilica.

During the "activation" of Christian missionaries in this territory (then the Kingdom of Mysore) Bangalore was a small town. He began to develop and grow only after its conquest by the Muslim rulers Haider Ali and later his son tippu Sultan. But then the Christians were literally forced to leave Bangalore. They returned to the territory only with the coming to power of the British in 1799. Since then, the city began to appear in Catholic churches, including St. Mary's Church. Her story began in 1813, when the French priest Abbe Dubois built a small wooden chapel where he conducted services every Sunday. Eventually, in 1882, the chapel was rebuilt and turned into a big Gothic Church, decorated with lots of openwork arches, pillars, narrow Lancet Windows with stained glass Windows and high spires. And in 1973 St. Mary's Church received the status of a Minor Basilica.

Every year thousands of people gather in this place on the famous festival, which takes place in September during the celebration of the Nativity of the virgin Mary. It lasts for 10 days, during which Church services are conducted in different languages and the solemn procession.