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Jagdish Temple

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Right in the heart of Udaipur, one of the most famous cities in the Indian state of Rajasthan, is the ancient Hindu temple Jagdish. It was originally named Jagannath Rai, but over time it became known as Jagdish-JI. The temple is considered one of the most important and major cultural, historical and religious monuments of the city and the main "bait" for tourists who come to Udaipur to enjoy the beauty and grandeur Jagdish-JI.

Jagdish temple dedicated to Lord Vishna and is part of the huge City Palace Complex.

The temple was constructed several years and was completed in 1651. The construction was initiated by Maharana Jagat Singh, who was the ruler of Udaipur in 1628-1653. Its creation has been spent huge amount of money - 1.5 million rupees. The two-storey building stands on a high pedestal, resembling a terrace, which forms a kind of "extra" floor. Jagdish made in Indo-Aryan (Northern) architectural style and is famous for its beautifully carved pillars and panels, painted walls and ceilings, the extensive and lavish rooms. And the spire or the shikhara, the main temple building towering over the whole city and has a height more than 24 meters. It is adorned with many small sculptures of elephants, dancers, musicians and riders. At the entrance to the temple is a huge stone elephant statues "security guards", which is a long staircase of 32 steps.

The main Shrine of the temple is a large hall, where an impressive statue of the God Vishnu, has four arms, which is carved from a single piece of black stone. This hall is surrounded by four smaller rooms, where are the statues of Ganesha, Sun God, Goddess Shakti and the God Shiva.