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Tomb Of Tawakkal Mastanah

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Located in the city of Bangalore, capital of Karnataka, is the Tomb of tawakkal Mastanah is the most revered Muslim Shrine in the region. It was built about 350 years ago for the burial of Muslim Saint Hazrat Mastan Shah Chakwal. It is a rather small building is a single storey building, painted a bright green color. The Windows is traditional for Muslim architecture openwork lattice and the entrance to the tomb is decorated with carved border. Inside the walls covered a sleek, bright, mostly floral patterns.

The building is located in a suburban area and most of the people who regularly come there to pray, live nearby. Mostly poor, uneducated people who don't always have enough money for living, but among them, especially among the Hindu community, regardless of religious affiliation, have a tradition every day at 4 am to get together and walk around the main building of the tomb, and then they share their food with starving.

It is also noteworthy that the procession of the famous Hindu Karaga festival makes a stop in the tomb. According to one legend, once, during a festival, the person who carried Carague (structure decorated with flowers, symbolizing the goddess Draupadi), appealed to Chakwal Mastana for a blessing to his burden fell from his head, as it was considered a terrible blasphemy. The Sufi Saint blessed him. Since then, the procession of the festival comes to the tomb and each time the ritual of blessing is repeated.

Tomb of tawakkal Mastanah open to pilgrims and visitors from 5 am to 11 PM, after the Friday namaz (prayer), about three in the afternoon fairs, which attract a huge number of people. It is also believed that good will, hidden in the tomb, will come true.