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Palace Falaknuma

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The falaknuma Palace was built in 1884 by order of the Nawab-Ul-Omara, which at that time was Prime Minister of Hyderabad. The construction lasted 9 years and cost of the Nawab-Ul-Olaru a fortune, so on the advice of his wife, lady Vicar ul Umra - it passes in 1897, the property of the Nizam VI Mahbob Ali Pasha, who made this place a kind of a guest centre for high-ranking officials, royals and an honorary foreign delegations. But after left the Nizam of Hyderabad, the Palace has not been used.

Located in the old town, the building with the adjacent territory covers an area of about 13 hectares. The architecture of the Palace embodies two styles - the Italian Renaissance and Tudor style, and the shape of the building resembles a Scorpion. The decoration of the Palace made entirely of white Italian marble, the Windows are decorated with stained glass, the halls are replete with columns, arches, carved friezes and frescoes, and the upper Falaknuma studded with elegant cupola domes. The number of the Palace rooms up to 220, and in addition to these, there are 22 large rooms.

Translated from the Urdu "falaknuma" means "mirror of heaven", and this name is no accident. The dazzling white Palace, full of decorative detail looks light and airy, like clouds.

With 2000 in the Palace of Falaknuma restoration was carried out, and in 2010 he became one of the upscale hotels Taj Hotels and Resorts. The owners decided not to make significant changes in either the architectural ensemble nor to the interior. Therefore, all the originality and splendor of the "Mirror of heaven" was saved. Although they were purchased new furniture, added some decor, including expensive paintings and hand-made luxurious tapestries, but Falcom still remains a cultural and historical monument, but also a true architectural masterpiece.