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National Park the Sundarbans

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National Park the Sundarbans, located in North Bengal on the border with the people's Republic of Bangladesh, is a biosphere reserve and, above all, famous for their conservation programme for tigers. It is a system consisting of 54 small Islands, covered with mangrove forests, separated by seven main rivers and their tributaries.

Created the Park of the Sundarbans was in 1973 as a protected area for Bengal tigers, for which this area is a natural habitat. Further, in 1977, the Sundarbans has raised its status to a nature reserve, in 1984, he already became a national Park. 5 years later, in 1989, after making it to the list of UNESCO world heritage, it received the status of biosphere reserve.

On the territory of the National Park is currently home to about 400 species of Royal Bengal tigers, which have two features: they are quite aggressive and have a propensity to attack man, and they are adapted to life in reservoirs with salt water.

In addition to Bengal tigers, for which it was originally created reserve, Sundarban live and spotted Bengal cats, jungle cats, foxes, flying foxes, pangolins, mongoose, common axisy.

The Sundarbans is a place where due to the large amount of water is home to many aquatic animals, reptiles, reptiles and waterfowl. So in the Park are quite common saltwater crocodiles, several species of turtles (green and olive Ridley turtles, hawksbill), so the dog-headed, snake-angler. In rivers with a lot of fish.