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Zoological garden of Calcutta, or whatever he's called zoo Alipur, located in West Bengal, is the oldest official zoo of India - its opening took place in 1876. Beginning the garden was laid Bengal by the Governor General Arthur Wellesley, who in 1800 established a private menagerie in their own land, not far from Calcutta. But soon after Wellesley left India as a steward in the zoo was the famous Scottish zoologist Francis Buchanan-Hamilton. Later, at the insistence of the public and assistance to Lieutenant-Governor sir Richard temple, the government officially allocated land for the zoo. The venue was in a wealthy suburb of Calcutta - Alipore.

Initially, animals for Zoological garden from his own menagerie gave Carl Louis Shindler, a German electrician, who at the time was engaged in railroad construction in the state.

At the moment the zoo has a truly unique collection of a variety of animals from all over the world - Indian elephants, Royal Bengal tigers, African lions, ostriches, EMUs, jaguars, rhinoceroses and others. Also the Zoological garden, until recently, was a famous giant tortoise Adwaita, which consisted of 250 years, but, unfortunately, in 2006, she died.

Since the second half of the XX century, towards the management of the zoo sounds a lot of criticism due to the lack of adequate breeding programs of rare animals and breeding programs of different species. Also held demonstrations, which are directed against the conservative policy of the Zoological garden and for the improvement of living conditions for the animals living there. But despite this, the zoo remains one of the most loved and visited places in Kolkata.