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The Thousand Lights Mosque

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Another famous mosque of India - Thousand Lights mosque - located in the ancient city of Chennai (Madras). It was built in 1810 by order of the ruler of Navaba Umdat-ul-Umrah, and is a big Shiite Shrine. However, the doors of the mosque are open not only to Shiites but to other Muslims.

Initially the building was conceived as a hall where the Shi'ites could gather for prayer, and for celebrations during the Holy month of Muharram. But a few years after the creation of this place was converted into a mosque.

Your great name - "the Thousand Lights Mosque" - the temple was due to the fact that in the place where it is located, was formerly the Meeting Hall, for which lighting was actually used thousands of candles.

The whole temple complex is surrounded by a wall and occupies an area of about two hectares. On its territory, in addition to the mosque, a library and a cemetery. The mosque was rebuilt many times, but still retained its own distinctive features. In the architecture of the building you can see the influence of the West, and it differs from the traditional style of other famous mosques of India, which were mainly built during the Mughal. The main features of the mosque Thousand Lights are five broad carved domes, which have a flattened form and is similar to mushroom caps. Also notable for its two high and concise form of the minaret. On the walls of the mosque you can see the labels that represent quotations from the Holy book of Moslems - the Koran.

Another distinctive feature of this mosque is that it has a special separate room, where they pray exclusively women.