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St Thomas ' Cathedral

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The first Anglican Church in the Indian city of Mumbai is the St. Thomas (Thomas), created in 1718. This temple was built with the purpose of maintaining the morality and spirituality of the British population of India, its "moral standards", which at the time significantly "decreased", firstly because of the remoteness from the "puritanical homeland," and secondly because of the abundance of new impressions from a completely different culture.

The construction of the Church was begun in 1676, thanks to the protege of the British East India company to the Governor-General the city of Bombay, informed the former Portuguese colony, Gerald Aungier. Beside the Church, thanks to him in Bombay came to the hospital, the courthouse and many other necessary administrative buildings. But only forty years later had the opportunity to finalize the construction of the temple, when it took the chaplain Richard Cobb. The Church was officially opened by Christmas of 1718.

It acquired the status of a Cathedral in 1837, and a year later, in 1838м, to the Western part of the building was built tower with a large clock, which became a kind of hallmark of the temple. Also, over time, the Cathedral was rebuilt and, in particular, 25 years later, in 1865, was updated and expanded the main altar of the Church. In General, the temple was built in the colonial style with Gothic elements. Its high and narrow Windows decorated with beautiful stained glass Windows, the main hall abounds with high arches and carved panels. In addition, on the territory of the Church there is a lot of graves of prominent and not so the British, beginning with generals and ending with the noble girls.

In 2000-ies the Cathedral of St. Thomas has attracted the attention of UNESCO and in 2004 he received the award "For the preservation of cultural heritage in the Asia-Pacific region."