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The Temple Of Mahalsa

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The temple complex of Mahalsa located near the small settlement of Mardol, which is located in the Northern part of the state of Goa, was built in honor of Vishnu, or rather his only female incarnation of the Goddess Mohini, or as it is called the Narayani Mahalasa.

It is believed that originally this temple was built in Nepal, and then the idol of the goddess was transferred to Aurangabad, in Maharashtra. But after the conquest of these territories by the Mughal army, he hid in a secret place in Goa. The present temple was built during the Portuguese reign. It consists of two main buildings, one of which is the very temple of Mahalsa and the second is dedicated to Lakshmi-Narayan, which there is also worshipped along with Vishnu. Also on site is and seven-storey tower, resembling a tall candle.

The main attraction of the temple complex of Mahalsa is a large copper bell. It is not used in rituals. It was previously called only when wanted to know, if someone says something the truth or not. Legend has it that if a man will lie till the voice of this bell, then the goddess will kill him within three days thereafter. People believed so strongly in it that even this method was officially used in court hearings during the reign of the Portuguese.

Every Sunday the statue of the goddess carried on a palanquin from the temple, decorated with flowers and garlands, and twine it around the building. In the meantime, the assembled people sing songs in honor of Mohini.

Recently not allowed into the temple of aliens, explaining that those do not follow the rules of behavior in the temple and dress appropriately to visit this place.