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The Palace Is Located Thirumalai Mahal

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Tirumalai Located Mahal is a magnificent Palace of the XVII century, was built in 1636 at the request of the representative of the dynasty Nayak named Tirumalai- ruler of the Principality of Madurai. In the structure of the combination of Dravidian and Islamic architectural styles, so it combines elegance and ostentatious pomp of the East.

Tirumalai Nayak was an outstanding ruler known for his modern views and innovative solutions. During his reign were built many beautiful buildings, among which stands out namely the aforementioned Palace, which was conceived as a Central building in the city, attracting everyone's attention.

Tirumalai Located was a huge Palace complex, part of which eventually separated and turned into separate buildings. So at the moment, the Palace presents only the main "hull" which is called Svara Vilasam and several adjacent buildings.

Zwagra Vilasam is a vast octagonal room, whose main attraction is the audience chamber, adorned with columns and 12-foot arches, and surmounted by huge domes. Special admiration in it cause beautifully carved borders with floral ornaments.

In addition Zwagra Vilasam in the Palace there were many other noteworthy places: the Royal bedchamber, theatre, Armory, pond, garden, ballroom.

After India's independence, the Palace Tirumalai Located Mahal was declared a national monument and became one of the main lures for tourists in the state. He is open almost every day from 9 am to 5 PM.